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Unemployment is at 7%, that means that 93% of us are gainfully employed.


Our mission is to create a community that seeks out and shares the Upside of everyday life. We are a group of people who choose to focus on the larger part of a statistic and to see the positive forces at work all around us every day. By looking at the world from a slightly different vantage point, we hope to attract like-minded individuals to share what’s right with the world…
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Happy! - If you haven’t heard or seen this yet, take a look and listen and, well, get Happy! Caution: this tune is catchy and contagious, you will find yourself humming or singing it at the oddest times. Pharrell Williams gets it done with a sound reminiscent of his predecessors but an energy all his own! Let’s […more]
Juice, Juice, Juice! -  When I first learned that there were such things as vegetarians – back in the early 70’s – I thought to myself “I would surely starve to death”. At the time I was about 11 or 12 and ate corn on the cob, carrots and potatoes. Since then, I am now much older and wiser […more]
How Technology is Improving my Life — and yours! - When working with my father in my family’s small business (circa 1995) we used to go to the Post Office and stand in line for two hours while the USPS counter clerk would create shipping labels one-by-one. But no more! All of my labels can be printed from the comfort of my own home and […more]
Cosmos – Carl Sagan gets a Reboot - Science is back! Over the past decade or so the pendulum has swung away from rational thinking and science but there is much evidence to suggest that SCIENCE IS BACK! My parents were from a generation inspired by Carl Sagan’s Cosmos series — the most watched Public Television Series of all time. Well, Fox and […more]
Oregon Zoo Helps Repopulate Species in the Wild - At the turn of the century, the Eastern Washington pygmy rabbit population was critically endangered. With only 16 of the rabbits remaining in the wild, the Oregon Zoo began participating in a breeding program (along with Washington State University and Northwest Trek Wildlife Park in Washington). With the assistance of Washington Department of Fish & […more]
The Upside of an Economy in Transition - Upside of an Economy in Transition When an economy is in transition it simply means that there is a lowering and rising of trade barriers as well as a lot of government transitions.  Often during this time there is also a period where the roles of governments are redefined and there is more demand to […more]