Oregon Zoo Helps Repopulate Species in the Wild


pygmy-rabbitAt the turn of the century, the Eastern Washington pygmy rabbit population was critically endangered. With only 16 of the rabbits remaining in the wild, the Oregon Zoo began participating in a breeding program (along with Washington State University and Northwest Trek Wildlife Park in Washington). With the assistance of Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service the rabbits have been given a 6 acre enclosure where they are free to breed (like rabbits). What this wonderful collaboration shows is the ability of humans to understand the value of protecting and reversing the damage done to an animal population that was once an integral piece of its environment. As projects like these are put in place throughout the United States we can be grateful for those re-creating some our wonderful ecosystems.

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  1. rpowell
    March 5, 2014 at 9:05 pm #

    Bunnies are the best

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